Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Walk in the Woods


Setting the camera for auto-timer in the middle of the forest is not the way to get great family photos, but it sure does capture a memory.

We got adventurous and set out on our great family camping adventure of 2010, our first since way back before Sam was born! 



Here are my little stair-steps, all lined up and waiting on Mom and Dad to get their act together.

And yes, the pictures on my wall are very crooked.  This is what happens when you have little boys who enjoy running into the wall every chance they get!





The state park was a great place to visit since we are just now finishing our study of trees.  The kids loved the nature center.










They could hardly wait to get started on our big hike.  We picked a simple, one mile trail.  We taught the kids to look out for the trail markers.  They really enjoyed the freedom of going on with Mom and Dad lagging behind and waiting for us to catch up at the next marker.





As usual, the trail held lots of neat things to see and explore.  You’ll have to look very close at this picture to spot the cool walking stick (a bug) we found.





Climbing over a downed tree just adds to the adventure.






100_7804 100_7805

With a bit of patient help from his dad, even Sam was able to make it over the log.  He was so proud!




Hard work like that earns you a ride.  Sam had walked nearly half of the trail before he was too worn out to go any further.








Dad may not be tired, but Sam sure is!







This is the “Na, na, na, na, boo-boo” face.  It means the "big kids” made it to the trail marker before the grown-ups. 







We made it to the end of the trail with a tired bunch of kiddos.  We loaded ‘em up in the van and headed home. 





The kiddos were so excited to wake up from naps to find their dad setting up the camper in the yard.  We ate hotdogs and enjoyed lots of junk food.  The kids spent some time looking through the telescope at a very full moon.  And yes… We really did spend the night camping in our own back yard.  Maybe we’ll get really wild and spend a night at an actual campground next time! ;) 


  1. I bet the camping "trip" was a great amount of fun for the whole family! The kids will have a great time when you do adventure out with the camper!


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