Saturday, July 10, 2010



A trip to my new favorite fabric store inspired some really cool party invitations this weekend.  They are adorable and almost too simple.  Here’s how.



I started by printing the wording of the invitation on plain paper and using some fun scrapbooking scissors around the edges.





Center the invite face down on a color printer.  Layer some really delicious fabric around the edges






I experimented with different sizes, and ended up reducing the final project to about 75%.  Too cute!







Double stick tape or upside down packing tape works great for holding things down while you use a hot glue gun.  In this case, I used some buttons that were in a button jar found at a yard sale.  And yes, that ribbon was leftover from my wedding… 10 years ago!




Roll up your invitations and slide the ribbon around them.  The final result is quite adorable and the process was so easy!  Mary will have so much fun handing these out to her friends, inviting them to her birthday brunch!

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