Friday, April 9, 2010

Recycle Recipe

Take 1 large piece of cardboard, a big bucket of broken crayons, some tape, wooden blocks and all the Hot Wheels you can find. Combine them with a young boy, about the age of 4.

Add rivers, bridges, ponds, farms, roads, and railroads using the crayons. Build houses, barns, and hotels with the wooden blocks. Use a small piece of cardboard and lots to tape to make a bridge over the river.

Add cars, trains, tractors and heavy equipment. Oh, no! A wreck! Call 911, quick. Oh, good. Here come the fire trucks and ambulance. Whew!

Enjoy hours of fun!

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  1. Hey! I finally got a chance to get in here and read your blog (I know, I'm terrible about stuff like this!) Anyway, I read this and thought you would get a kick out of the fact that the last two weekends I spent cleaning off the back porch and setting it up as a playroom for the girls. Some of the "stuff" out there was going to have to go to the basement and had to be moved from cardboard boxes to rubbermaids so it wouldn't get wet and ruined. The girls spent 2 days playing with the empty boxes while I spent the days setting up a room so they could find and play with all their toys! Sometimes we all they need is their imagination.


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