Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Substitute Home-school Teacher

I need a sub. Can I call in today?

The cold I tried my best to ignore by hoping it was just allergies, is hitting me hard today. I feel rotten. I have a bad cough. My nose is runny. And the worst of it, I can hardly speak.

You mommas know how hard it is to keep up with 4 kids and a puppy when you can’t speak?!

I just want a cup of tea and a warm blanket.

And maybe some chocolate.

But there is no sub to call.  And though the kids are pitching in and doing all they can, they still need me. So, I’m doing what I can and letting go of much of my to-do list.

And school?

I suppose we could call it off for the day.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world.

But then my girl sat down and read the book about the Revolutionary War, the one I had planned for this week’s school work.

And my boy pitched in and read a story to his baby brother, picking through the hard words and never giving up.

My baby girl created a magnificent piece of art work, using crayons, popsicle sticks, and a foam star.

Danny volunteered to lead the prayer and do the morning meeting.

Mary said she’d teach Danny’s math lesson.

Maybe they don’t need me as much as I think they do!

But, I’d still like that sub.

Wonder if she’d do dishes and laundry…


  1. Oh poor you, hope you'll be feeling better soon. I suppose this highlights the one downside of home schooling - you can't get sick! You have obviously done a great job with your children.

  2. we should skype eachother when we need a sub! I am sure our children would get HOURS of entertainment just watching each other on the computer!

  3. I hope you are feeling better. It's no fun being sick, especially when you are the teacher and you don't want your kids to have a day off.

  4. Fatima, poor you! I hope one of your gorgeous children made you a nice cup of tea and found you some chocolate! And I really hope you're feeling better now. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - all is well here :)


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