Sunday, July 31, 2011

It’s A Farm Thing….

I really didn’t want to go. I was about 16 years old and the National Farm Machinery Show was in town over Valentines Day Weekend. My folks were so excited to have great tickets to the tractor pull. Ahem… On the night of the school Valentines Dance. I did NOT want to go. I’m pretty sure I let my feelings be known, too.

Of course, I went. Not that I had a choice. I’m not sure I ever told my mom and step-dad what fun I had. Well, now that my secret is out…

The big tractor pull is fun, but nothing beats the tractor pull at the county fair. I might just be that city people wouldn’t understand… It’s a farm thing, I guess. But to us, it’s a lot of fun seeing our neighbors, and my little-big brother, and my baby sister get out there and show off their tractors. We cheer for our friends, our favorite kind of tractor, and sometimes for the under-dog just trying to get the sled across the field. It’s fun.

But, I didn’t know what fun was until last Thursday. We took all four kids to the county fair for the Pedal Tractor Pull. They had about 6 different pedal tractors and two pint-sized sleds for the kids to pull. Serious cuteness.

Fun at the Fair 104

Sam got a little help from the nice fellow that was running the show. He was not a contender for the trophy, but he sure was cute. By the way… green is not our tractor color. Just gotta say that… We prefer red tractors (That’s Case IH for you city folks).

Fun at the Fair 106Fun at the Fair 126

Sarah… Well, she was adorable as usual. She was thrilled to get to pose for a picture with the fair queen. That’s all she really wanted.

Fun at the Fair 123

Mary gave it her best and placed in the competition, allowing her to pull again in the championship. Hooray for my girl!

   Fun at the Fair 112 Fun at the Fair 119

And this guy… He got a full-pull. He won his weight class and came back to win the championship, too. I’ve never seen such a happy boy.

It was some good farm fun with other rural people. I love the county fair and hot summer nights…

 Fun at the Fair 137 Fun at the Fair 153

Fun at the Fair 145

 Fun at the Fair 148

Living it up at the county fair… Loving the Demo-derby.

Hope your county fair was tons of fun, too.


  1. So your a red neck love ya Mom

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I really enjoyed demolition derby's before I was married at our county fair in NY. I haven't been to one since. Maybe one day.


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