Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rabbit Research Project

~Research projects can be a great way to learn.~

She wants a rabbit for a pet.

rabbit project and mud play 016

Bunnies are cute and fluffy and soft. Their little noses wiggle in such a cute way. They must be fun, right?

But how much work are they? Seemed like the perfect time for her first research project.

rabbit project and mud play 004

So we taped a big brown paper to the wall and started asking questions.

rabbit project and mud play 005

Then, we got busy answering them. We found helpful magazines, books, and websites. As she read an answer to one of her questions, she recorded it.

rabbit project and mud play 046

Then, she made a list of needed supplies.

rabbit project and mud play 051

She found a local farm store’s website to get prices for each item and then we worked together to add them up.

rabbit project and mud play 050

She’s convinced, now.
Right down to the breeds of rabbit she would be interested in owning.

Now, if she just had enough money to purchase a cage…


  1. What a wonderful learning opportunity. Now she can start saving and earning money for her rabbit. This would be a great time to introduce her to 4H as well. What a wonderful and rewarding this project will be for your sweet little. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great idea for her to do that!! I have a rabbit that now 19yo got to keep the guinea pig company. Said 19 yo just got home from her 1st year of college over a 1000 miles away. So who takes of rabbit??? ;) That being said, they aren't bad at all. Probably less daily work than the 4 cats and dog we have. Oh, and a gerbil. But you get the idea.


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