Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On Facebook Now!

I'm a dork. Really. I set up Fur Lined Toilet Seats on Facebook, but I can't get the "like" button put on my silly little blog. Oh, well.

So anyway, hope you'll look me up on facebook and "like" Fur Lined Toilet Seats. Okay, you gotta admit that it's a little funny to like fur lined toilet seats. Hope you'll "like" it anyway. ;)


  1. you can copy the #'s from your FB fan page link and then go to Design (blogspot) add a HTML gadget and paste it should make a link for your followers to click on :)
    ...I love having my fav blogs update on FB so I never miss a new post

  2. oops! you need the whole link I guess EX:>>>my link!/pages/Lots-of-FUN-with-my-FaMiLy/184290314933429

    Remove the>> home.php?ref=home#!/

    so that it reads

  3. I think I got it! Hooray! Thanks for the help!


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