Monday, November 29, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

I always start the school year off with great plans.  This year, I even printed out a calendar and highlighted the days we would be in school.  Last year, I had a weekly theme planned for each week of the school year before we started homeschooling.  I always have these grand plans when I’m dreaming up our year in July and August.  It is now nearly December and all my planning is sitting in a pile somewhere, completely unheeded.  Somehow, that’s just fine.

I started out the year with a daily schedule that really worked for us.  That is, until Sam discovered he could jump like a high school track star over any gate or the side of the play-crib.  That was the end of doing school work first thing in the morning and spending part of nap-time working with the big kids on the big projects.  Up in smoke, I tell you. 

I did follow the school calendar for quite some time.  Then, we got sick.  Worst of all, the teacher got sick.  Did you know that they don’t really have substitute teachers for home school mommas.  We just have to “suck-it-up” and go on with life by somehow getting the oatmeal on the table for the kids to eat.  On days like that, we don’t have school. 

Then, Eric had a great opportunity to take a few days off from work.  For the first time in at least four years, he had a full week off work.  We celebrated.  We had fun.  We goofed off.  We did not do school. 

Still, we have managed to get 67 days of school completed so far this year.  Most of my curriculum plans have worked out, thanks in part to a wonderful library near our home and an awesome MIL who teaches a special lesson to the kids one day a week.  All in all, I think we’re doing alright.  Looking forward to that big 100th day of school celebration.  We will be spending the next few weeks preparing for Christmas, studying the Bible stories and doing all we can to share some joy with others.  A bit of the three “R’s” as well.

I suppose it all comes down to this.  Life is much more important than the plans I make.  Instead of beating myself up over the days that don’t go to plan, I’m going to be happy that my life affords the flexibility to change my plans to take advantage of great opportunities or to weather the storms.  I’m thinking this is a lesson I need to carry over to the other parts of my life as well.

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  1. Same here, it's good to know that I'm not going it alone and that there are others in the same boat I'm in :)! We are on day 57 but I am very thankful for that flexability as well. It has allowed us to visit family and "survive" sick days because like you said there is no one to call to get you a sub. Hang in there and remind yourself that homeschooling is more of a lifestyle and taking advantage of our daily lives to even if you didn't get to the "plans" they are still learning! Thanks for the great post!!

  2. Thanks to you, I now see homeschooling in a whole different light. As well as many things in life you getout of it what you put into it. I think that you do a fabulous job and the kids are lucky to have a momma and teacher just like you!!!


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