Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking for a Good Politician?

I suppose I may not be the typical voter, living in the country with chickens in the yard and a pot of beans cooking on the woodstove.  Then again, maybe I am the typical voter.  I am a somewhat educated, pretty independent, van driving momma of the sweetest kids on the planet.  I’m a wife and a daughter.  I’m a friend and a blogger.  I’m a PBS watching, book reading, dork.  I love my country and I want to leave it the very best place possible for generations to come. 

Maybe this coupon clipping, bread making, frugal mom isn’t alone in feeling disgust over the slick, glossy 8X11 political ads found in mailboxes every night.  It burns me up, especially when that same expensive mail promises me that they will cut spending by government.  Uh, huh.  I’m sure they will be very thrifty people as evidenced by their political spending.  They are nice folks, too, slamming their opponents every chance they get.  What makes them think I want their representation.  How can they represent me?  I’d like to think that we are nothing alike.


I’m tired of these climbers looking to “win” an office.  Being in office should be a sacrifice you make for the good of your country, not a prize to be won.  I want to elect someone who humbly serves my community.  Someone who truly represents my family, my friends, and my community.  I want to elect someone who doesn’t want the office but will take the time out of his or her life to do the job. 

I’ll go vote, make no mistake.  It’s my job and a responsibility that comes with living in this country.  I’m afraid that I’ll be voting for “Slim Pickins” and not someone who truly deserves my vote.  I sure do wish one of these folks who are running for office would send me an honest letter, sharing a bit of who they are and what they hope to accomplish if I vote for them.  The letter can be on plain copy paper, handwritten, and copied at the local post office for all I care.  I’d even forgive a few spelling errors in favor of a bit of thrift and honesty.    I’ve given up all hope on this election, but I’ll be praying that some good folks with a bit of sense will run in the next one.  I bet I’m not alone.


**  I must add this little note to my rant…  Imagine my shock this evening, when I found a handwritten and copied letter from the wife of one of the folks running for office.  She must read my blog (doubtful).  ;)  It was two pages long, explaining the reasons why I should vote for her husband.  I read every single word.  I threw the rest of the glossy ads in the trash without a second glance. 

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