Monday, September 20, 2010

The Old Days

My kids had a great time at my hometown’s celebration of days gone by.




Danny did a bit of apprentice work in the carpentry shop.








Mary looked very adorable in an old-fashioned dress, checking out the jail.






The big kids took turns making rope.




Sam waited patiently and played with an old fashioned pop-gun.








Sarah helped cut wood using an old treadle type band-saw, thingy…








Danny had fun shelling corn with an old machine from 1889.








Sarah is riding way up high in a caboose look-out seat.  Danny is in the seat on the other side.  I think they were watching for train robbers.







What a great way to play and learn.

The End.  :)

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  1. I'm always so impressed by just how much kids enjoy finding out about times passed (and being able to "do stuff" makes it all so much more fun!). Looks like it was a great celebration :)


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