Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today, I’m thankful for…

A picnic lunch

The sun warming my back

The cool of the shade

The sound of kids laughing

The breeze that is making my curtains dance


Hope you have much to be thankful for today.  You are welcome to “count your many blessings” in the comments.  I count your comments among my many blessings.   :)


  1. Thankful For

    It's almost Friday!
    Chris's surgery went well
    getting to spend so much time with the grandkids lately
    a much better school year for David Lee

  2. Today i am thankful for...

    The friends i have to cut up with,

    The grass that i have to cut every week,

    The home that i have been blessed with,

    The tools i have to work with,

    The fishing poles i use to go fishing,

    god that watches over me each and every day,

    Praise to you lord Jesus Christ.


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