Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School

The “Scott Academy” is back in session. 


With one in second grade…


And one in kindergarten…


One in “pretty” school…


And one in diapers…


Yes, he’s sitting in a storage tub.  It made him happy, so why fight it?


We’re off to a great start and looking forward to sharing our progress from time to time.  We’re loving our crazy little home school! 

(Oh, and please kindly ignore the mess in the background.  I’m in the process of cleaning out the clutter in my basement and was just unable to finish before school began…  Oh, well.)


  1. Do u have time to toss a sophmore into your teaching schedule???

  2. Awesome!! I soooooooo wish that we lived closer, it would be wonderful to get together for field trips, projects and learning! I hope you guys have a wonderful year.

  3. The girls would be so jealous that they can't go to school barefoot! lol! I won't even let them wear flip-flops to school, because I'm a mean mommy. :)


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