Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Abundance, Freezing Blueberries


Blueberries are very simple to preserve by freezing. 


They are in season here, so Sam and I took a little trip to a local blueberry farm and brought home almost 2 gallons of berries… Not including the ones Sam ate before we left. 


They really should weigh kids before they go in and as they are leaving.


Pick berries that are very blue and fall into your hand easily, but are not soft.  Those berries that are ripe but not over-ripe will keep best and taste wonderful.


Wash your berries in icy-cold water and drain promptly.


I spread a thin layer of berries on an old (they might stain), clean towel to dry and sort.  I take out berries that were a bit too green, soft, or damaged by bugs.


Place the berries in freezer containers.  These are fancy containers (bought at the end of the season), but any tight-sealing, food safe container will do.  Freezer bags work as well, but you’ll need to be careful not to squish the berries.


All that’s left is to pop them into the freezer!  It’s really that easy!  They make a great treat to eat frozen, taste great in pancakes and muffins, and are lovely in a warm bowl of oatmeal.  Hope you’ll head out to the blueberry farm and store away some summer to enjoy this winter.

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  1. Where was this blueberry farm? My kids love blueberries. I need to get some to freeze.


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