Friday, April 23, 2010

Making Memories

also know as....
The Great Marshmallow Roasting Camp-out on a Rainy Night End of School Celebration

Our first year of home schooling is officially over!  Not that the learning will stop, but the attendance calendar and the planned curriculum has come to an end for the year.  We have logged 180 days, learning about all sorts of things from Apples to Zebras.  Such an achievement calls for a celebration.  A big celebration.
Unfortunately, it rained on our plans.  Sometimes a mom just has to change directions and throw together a new party plan.  So.....

We decided to go camping.  We picked a spot that was perfect.  Warm, dry and not too far from the movie we wanted to watch.  We added a real tent with the help of Danny.  Then we added a pretend fire pit made out of an old pie pan, some construction paper and a whole lot of tape.

Who knew wooden grilling skewers would be perfect for pre-roasting marshmallows over the heat of an electric stove burner?  The kids had a great time pretending to roast their marshmallows before they ate them.  The skewers were then promptly collected...

A great time was had by all.... except Sam.  He was just slightly mystified by the whole thing and a bit frustrated by the fact that he wasn't allowed to play with a poky stick covered in sticky, gooey goodness.  His time will come.... maybe when the next school year ends.


  1. If I haven't told u lately u and Eric are great Parents! We all have our rough days and some of us more than others! I wish I had been more like you when mine was that young!

  2. Well, just don't look at the messy state my house is in after that party! I gave up on doing anything "productive" today and we had a great time. Tomorrow, I will pay for it but it will have been worth it.

  3. Just found you via 30 days. Great ideas! I'm your newest follower!


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